Vagnbys ~USA
Vagnbys Design & Living is made ​​for modern and conscious consumers who want a modern home where style and elegance is of high priority. We invite you to browse our collection of European designed wine accessories, champagne tools, and stylish serving carafes, and the innovative wine decantiere aerator. Exclusively designed by famed Scandinavian industrial designer Marcus Vagnby.



Wine Decantiere 7-In-1 Aerator


Waiters Tool


 Champagne & Sparkling Wine Set


 Grand Carafe

Light Carafe


 Multi Carafe




Foil Cutter #2


Wine Decantiere 4-In-1 Aerator


Foil Cutter #1


 Wine Decantiere 6-In-1 Aerator


Foil Cutter #3